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Current Updates

Publication of 2017 Assessment Changes

Dundee Township’s 2017 Assessments are now available from our On-Line Property Search database.

On July 25, 2017, the Kane County Supervisor of Assessment published Dundee Township’s 2017 assessment changes in the Fox Valley Daily Herald. Included in the publication is the Township-wide Annual Equalization Factor of 1.0328. To obtain assessment information about a property in our township, you can visit the On-Line Property Search database at www.dundeetownship.com or call the Dundee Township Assessor’s Office at 847-428-2634 for assistance.

Pursuant to state law, the deadline to file 2017 Assessment Appeals to the Kane County Board of Review for the properties within Dundee Township is August 24, 2017. No complaint for property in this township can be accepted after that date. To obtain complaint forms and a copy of the Rules and Procedures of the Kane County Board of Review, call (630) 208-3818 or visit www.KaneCountyAssessments.org.

New in 2017
Assessment Compliant Webinars

The Kane County Board of Review is offering a series of short webinars to assist taxpayers who are thinking about filing an assessment complaint with the Board.

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